Cowgatehead UP1L - "Ah Jaysus!" Danny O' Brien

Cowgatehead UP1L - "Ah Jaysus!" Danny O' Brien

Postby dannyobrien106 » 30 Dec 2015, 20:40

My Fringe experience at Cowgatehead was my best one to date, this was my third year at the festival and I had full rooms for the whole run(the lowest was about 50 people) and decent buckets, I wasn't in the main brochure either which showed how beneficial The Blue book and flyering is to getting people into shows. A special mention to James Gregory the venue captain who was brilliant, he kept it all together and was really helpful! The venue itself was not ideal, but it worked-however you needed to work make it work! The location is great and the sound bleed was minimal in my room compared to previous years, the bar staff were great and friendly and were happy to direct people to your show. A few issues the venue had was signage outside letting people know it was a venue and also this caused confusion whether the bar and venue were two separate places or combined. Another problem was rubbish-some shows who were on before me left mountains of rubbish in the room which made it look terrible, I took at least a full bin liner of rubbish out of my room each day before doing my show, a bit more co-operation between the acts would resolve this. Also putting flyers on the seats before some one else's show isn't effective as people just sit on them and it leads to more rubbish everywhere- I've found that flyering on the street or exit flyering other shows you may be doing is what's works best for getting people to your show. I think with a bit more co-operation with the venue and a bit more effort in keeping the venue a bit cleaner plus better signage would help to make Cowgatehead a brilliant venue. Looking forward to working with PBH again in 2016.
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