UpTwoM Expect The Unexporcupine

UpTwoM Expect The Unexporcupine

Postby ofalafel » 13 Dec 2015, 20:12

Cowgatehead UpTwoM

Time 14:15

First up the Venue Captains were great as were the other acts in our room – everyone mucked in to get the room set up with lights curtains chairs, fans etc. (FoxDog Studios and The Travelling Sisters were some of the best 'roommates' we could have wished for.)

Cowgatehead is a good central free fringe location, close to Grassmarket where we did most of our flyering.

The venue itself was a bit of a labyrinth though and a lot of punters were walking around trying to find rooms - the naming of the floors and rooms did seem quite confusing to a lot of them. The whole freestival affair also meant we regularly had punters asking for shows that were no longer at CGH.

We did well with numbers – attracting anywhere between 50 and 80 most days, the buckets reflected this.

It did get hot and we often had to take the call on whether to open the windows and trade the ability to hear at the back with not baking alive - we invested in a fan that helped keep the room a bit cooler or at least tricked people into thinking it was.

The first week was a bit smelly due to a toilet on the floor above leaking and towards the end of the run the stench had relocated to the toilets in the bar area that was overpowering on a couple of days.

The venue could have done with better external signage or, as I think someone else has suggested, combine the St James Brewery and Cowgatehead into one entrance.

Overall we enjoyed Cowgatehead and all it's quirks.

Thanks for having us and thanks to the other CGH acts who helped to make it so enjoyable

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