UpOneS - Lost Property

UpOneS - Lost Property

Postby richardtodd » 03 Nov 2015, 23:54

Show details
Show: Lost Property
Category: Comedy
Venue: Cowgatehead
Room: UpOneS
Time: 8.30
Dates: 8-22 August 2015

Show overview: Character comedy and left field stand-up.

Upon arrival four of the acts from UpOneS mucked in to make the room presentable (setting up curtains, blacking out the worst of the graffiti, hiring a light and two fans), but about us the performers were helpful and generous with whatever tools and advice they had. I quite enjoyed the challenge and the camaraderie, it presented a good opportunity to get to know everyone.

Once we commenced, the numbers were good to begin then, after the entrance from the street was closed and folk had to walk through the bar, they dropped – partly because the building was tricky to negotiate, and partly because of some acts hijacking audience members, rather than helping them find the show the had came in for. Not until we employed a flyerer to usher people to the room did we start getting the audience numbers back up. Though the room was devilishly hot (and consequentially smelly) and really benefitted from only being half full (but you try telling the joke hungry public that). We bought two fans to try to counteract this problem but they failed to cool much more than the first row of people they met (creating envy amongst the sweating mass behind). In the shows I watched in UpTwoL or M they opened windows, which helped a lot, this was not an option in our room due to coverings over the windows.

Crowds were between 60 and 20. The best gigs probably held about 30, as the audience were cool and comfortable. Bucket collections averaged around £60, which wasn't bad considering some of the donation speeches we gave.

I do believe the building has loads of potential. We just didn't quite have the time to maximise on it. The space between the rooms could have been more inviting, perhaps with seating, to make folk feel welcome while they waited with their drinks for shows to begin. This might also have encouraged them to browse the brochure, and hunt out other shows in the venue, the downstairs bar, though not unfriendly, did not feel a part of what we were doing. It might have been nice to have a small bar on each floor, again to give the place a more welcoming vibe and help direct lost traffic.

All in all frustrating but fun.
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