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Postby privateharris » 12 Oct 2015, 13:49

I think the location of Cowgatehead is fantastic, plus the number of rooms it has means there are lots of acts and a lot of activity about the place. This means that it proves a pretty popular destination for audiences and you have a good chance of getting people in.

The room I was in was in a good state and well equipped thanks to a combined effort of most people performing there. This was mainly thanks to the coordination led by Paula Varjack. When something did go wrong (a faulty light, broken mic stand etc) this was quickly communicated to all the performers via facebook and most of the time the issue was quickly resolved although some performers were much more instrumental in helping out with problems like this than others.

My show was at 6.45 and did pretty well for audience numbers. On the weekends it was often full with people having to stand at the back or sit on the floor. Tuesdays were the quietest nights but I think that is pretty standard for Edinburgh.

The thing that helped the most was flyering in and around Cowgate for around 2-3 hours before the show started.About halfway through I paid a flyerer which also had a good effect on the numbers I had coming in.

There was some confusion around the venue which did seem to cause problems. A delay and mix up with signage meant that people could not find the place very well, as there seemed to be a couple of different names for the venue. Also there was a confusion with which entrance you could and couldn't use which led to people having to potentially navigate through a bar and then up many flights of stairs. Signs were put up but I found having my flyerer inside the venue to help people get to the right room helped a lot. There was some reports of some acts "stealing" audiences from other rooms while they were waiting for the show to start. I didn't witness this first hand but I hope most people can agree it's a pretty awful thing to do.

To summarise the venue is in a great location and providing you flyer sufficiently you can get really good audiences at the Cowgatehead. There was some confusion with how the building was run but hopefully that should be sorted by next year.
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