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Room UpOne M

Postby JonathanGrant » 26 Sep 2015, 14:36

This was my first experience of putting on a show at the Fringe and I have to say, by and large, a very happy and successful one in the room I had.

I agree with many of the other posters that the venue overall is very rough and ready - and this can be off putting to some people - and there was undoubtedly an issue with signage which was never properly resolved, which might well have cost shows some punters. That said those are my only two real complaints.

The PBH team were superb and worked very hard to deal with any problems which arose. The room itself, though very basic, was fine for me. The sound was good, the stage was fine and there was no sound bleed from other rooms. On certain days it got very hot, but so do 90% of the rooms in Edinburgh. The lighting worked fine, although this was down to one of the acts supplying a spotlight.

I did a 10 day run and got up there after the festival had been on for 10 nights - so many of the early issues that I read about with some dread on the FB pages had been ironed out. I had good numbers across the run - lowest was 33 and the highest nearly 100 - and good buckets (over £100 the busiest night).

The shows before and after me were great and always very helpful.

I would be very happy to put on a show with PBH again in the future and felt that Cowgatehead was a good place for my stand up. If you have a complicated show which relies on lighting, sound and staging I would really think twice about this one, but if you are standing there and telling jokes then the venue does very well indeed and those that put on the shows will do all they can to help you.

Thanks PBH - my first Fringe was great.
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