Cowgatehead UpTwo S - Pint and a Half 23:45

Cowgatehead UpTwo S - Pint and a Half 23:45

Postby wnaameh » 12 Sep 2015, 15:02

UpTwo S is a long and narrow room with max capacity for about 60 people.

The staff at Cowgatehead were very friendly and helpful in directing people from the street entrance.

We advertised our show with 2000 flyers. Most shows were very full, final night had people queuing out the door, taking turns to come in and see the next improvised sketch.

Only slight drawback was the room being extremely hot when it was full. We tried to counter that by leaving the windows open and giving audience members water. Otherwise not a huge issue.

Our buckets were very healthy, especially for a 23:45 show.

Our thanks to the Free Fringe, our very helpful venue captain, and to the staff at Cowgatehead.
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