Cowgatehead UpOne S - Brickhead: Yeah Yeah

Cowgatehead UpOne S - Brickhead: Yeah Yeah

Postby Dan Onslow » 09 Sep 2015, 18:32

So first of all, this was a great experience. Thank you to all the volunteers who made it possible. In particular, Frank Galbraith and the venue captains James Gregory, Lloyd Henning and Paula Varjack who were all a great help at Cowgatehead.

I was in UpOne S, which is the smallest room of the first floor. My show was at 22.45 and was the last one of the day for that room.

The room itself was quite long and narrow. It is more or less the same width as UpOne L but not as long. It was quite intimate, which is good for my style of comedy but it was still hard to get the back of the room involved. It had a backstage area behind it, which was great for storing props. You had to wait for when a show was not on to get to it but that was fine. Initially I was really worried about the sound bleed from the bar downstairs as the music is very loud but it wasn’t as big a problem as I thought. However, I think it didn’t need to be so loud and quieter music would have improved the bar atmosphere as well.

One thing I would do differently myself is sort out lights before coming to Edinburgh via email with the other acts in my room, which would’ve made it less stressful on set up day. One act (thank you Tom and Andy!) hired a professional spotlight with a dimmer that worked well, they had to screw it to the door frame at the back. The dimmer was essential, otherwise, too bright. Fans were also essential as the room got really hot.

In terms of audience numbers, I felt I did pretty well. There were some quieter nights but generally it was busy. Hard to know whether it was word of mouth or people just passing by. The footfall on cowgate is great but you need thick skin as there’s a lot of people and flyering competition. I started flyering from 2 hours before my show time. I don’t know how useful this was as it felt like most audience came in the last 10 minutes before the show, looking for something “on now”. I was setting up the room during this time, so I hired a flyerer.

There was good comradery between the acts, which is important for obvious reasons but for this venue in particular it was good as you needed to give directions a lot to lost audience members, who were frequent.

The bouncers were really nice guys.

Thanks again.

Dan aka Brickhead
Brickhead: Yeah Yeah
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