Cowgatehead Up one S: Banana Split Comedy

Cowgatehead Up one S: Banana Split Comedy

Postby johncc » 05 Sep 2015, 15:46

I am Jonathan Sheehan and along with my partner Ashlee Bentley. We ran Banana Split Comedy for the first week at Up one S. Our show was a comp show.

We arrive day early for "get in" day. It was clear the venue needed some work. There was confusion about which shows were on which floor with the up one S, L & M design. Many times while flyer-ing had to show people which one was which. It got better during the week as signs were put up. But people were still confused. On our floor there were three rooms with three shows going on around same time. As there was two of us, one of us could man the door while the other one did the flyer-ing. It was good idea as need someone near the door to show people in as again there was confusion as to what was on where.

There was live music playing down below all the time. The noise from this was coming up all the time. Which wan't ideal. There wasn't lot of issues with fire safety and chaotic feel to the place. I have to say I was happy with our room. Some people bought items they felt they needed for the room and for there shows. I was happy with the set up of the room from the word go. We didn't use these items for our show.

We got people in everyday and packed on the weekends. I think this venue was good for our type of show (a comp show). It does need some work if going to be used for next year fringe.
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