Cowgate up2S -Money is as innocent as the gun

Cowgate up2S -Money is as innocent as the gun

Postby Geoff Winde » 28 Jul 2016, 13:04

This was my third year of bring up this show to the Free Fringe - so I was a bit concerned that every one might have already seen it - but then I remembered how many people had been to see it so far, and how many people there were at the festival.

Venue captain and fellow performers
Our venue captain was great, she was dealing with all technical problems people were having with the space, i.e blocking out light from the windows, while trying to keep the room ventilated, the sound system and lighting issues; she was spending money on solving these problems and I and hopefully the other shows contributed toward this money-wise. There was a problem with the state of the space after the late shows - our captain's show was on first and unfortunately the shows late on in the evening were leaving the space in an untidy state - myself and other acts were helping to tidy it so she wasn't left to do it all by herself.
We tried to stop this happening by passing the word from one show to the next and leaving notes. It did improve eventually.

Being central and part of a complex of show spaces gave a bit of a buzz to the area. Coming to the space in a bare state and working together to make it happen was a great way to meet fellow performers - i prefer that to sitting in socials as I don't drink.

the performance space we had was a great shape - being able to arrange the seating as I wanted was good - It being small suited me as I prefer not to use amplification - I only had two negatives - the noise from the other shows some times were pretty overwhelming - it didn't last long though - quite a few people were late to the show because they had problems finding the space - but there were plenty of arrows around - i guess we were in the corner furtherest away from the floor entrance -

The entrance to the whole space got a bit confusing for people as it changed during the run - this meant posters previously placed for best impact were lost.

The storage space had questions about it- it wasn't secure, then it was secure - there was a bit of uncertainty about it through out.

The slot was an afternoon slot which always feels a bit wrong - performing in day light- but it is a festival - I had some very small audiences - but they were very appreciative of the piece in post performance chats we had - gradually the numbers were building throughout until on the last show of the run i had an absolutely packed audience - standing at the back - and it was the best performance of the show I had ever done - and fortunately a production company who have been making a documentary of the adventures of this show for the last year, were there to record it -

I took very little money in the bucket - enough to buy food and a coffee though - except for the last show - most of which I gave to my VC as my financial contribution to the PBH.

I am a very avid flyerer - apart from the show, of course, it is my most important task - to give out all my flyers - I am very careful who I give my flyers to - i don't just thrust them in to peoples hands - I wait for them to take them from me, or offer them in a manner that they don't have any compulsion to take one, unless they are genuinely interested in what the show looks like. I managed to give out all my flyers this year -
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