The Wake up Call

The Wake up Call

Postby Olafmcguire » 09 Sep 2015, 19:34

Venue: Lovely venue, staff very helpful though a little bit pricey and a bit out of the way of the main fringe; all in all, a good place to performer. The downstairs room is excellent, plenty of space for unto about thirty or more people. Equipment: Project, screen and sound system.

Performance area: No stage just a space on the same level as the audience. Quite intimate.

Advertising/Marketing: Show was in free fringe guide, Facebook events page and also flyering and word of mouth.

Audience / Bucket: Smallest audience = 0. Biggest audience: 35. In general I made no money and did not ask for money but on my second last night (my best night) i made 80quid.

The Show: A spoken word one man performance that starts gently and builds to a rant and a riot.

Communication: Venue leader was excellent. Helpful, friendly, and easy to communicate with and talk too.
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