Choose Your Own Adventure - 7:15

Choose Your Own Adventure - 7:15

Postby Buzzovich » 01 Sep 2015, 16:53

The Venue
The venue is the downstairs of the bar. Really lovely little room with a projector & screen. About 25 seater.

Performance area
Space at front was pretty good, with spotlight & space to the side for tech. As my actor had shattered his elbow, I resorted to showing just a movie with him, so didn't need to use the space, but other shows I saw in there used the space nicely.

Technical set-up
Everything I needed was in the venue. PA, lights, projector & screen. Very lovely venue and simple to use.

All the staff were great. I needed to have the house lights off each show and they were always fine adding this to the end of my booze order!

Advertisement / Marketing
I wasn't in the big brochure, so didn't miss that, but did go in the Theatre attachment of the WBB. As the actor had an accident just before the festival, I had to wait and see if we could find a workaround and wasn't sure for a while if we'd have to pull the show. But worked hard to fix and found a workaround, which meant we could only advertise in the last week. Most audience members were in from the WBB and word of mouth.

Audience / Bucket
Smallest audience = 0, biggest audience = 10, average audience = 7. This was a hard show to pitch to folks, especially with the problems with it nearly being pulled. I put huge warnings at the beginning and on flyers stating it may contain shocking imagery, and every show I still had walkouts at the halfway mark. Buckets were about £1 per remaining person, but I couldn't push hard for this purely because of the nature of the show's end.

The Show Itself
It's essentially a movie of surreal comedy music vids that had every audience laughing hard, until it changes slowly and descends into a very nasty horror, getting nastier and nastier. They're not laughing by the end. One audience member stated that "other than ISIS beheadings, it's the most horrific thing I've ever seen". It's a piece of theatre designed to challenge both the participants and the audience, so was never going to be the easiest sell, but the desired effect was achieved - to create a piece of work that's claustrophobic and intense.

VC's show was before mine (Kidology) and he was really helpful. As far as I could see, everyone communicated and worked well at the venue.
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