Clerk's Bar Report

Clerk's Bar Report

Postby SideBurned Poet » 18 Sep 2015, 07:35

Clerk's Bar was one of the best venue's across the fringe I think. Downstairs in a restaurant. The venue manager made the space performance friendly by putting up black tarps to create a backstage area and shielding the open cross-hatchings of the wooden thing that acted as a wall that faced the stairs. There was some noise-bleed from upstairs on nights when there was live music or a pub quiz, but this was nothing to the sound bleed I'd witnessed with my own ears in many other spoken word events (such as the Pilgrim, which was chronic.) The bar staff were friendly. I would seriously not want to gamble with another venue next year as I think this is a great space. Only minus point is it is a little out the way for the public. Would be nice to get a big PBH Venue Banner on the outside to make it clearer that Clerk's was a PBH venue to people passing by or looking for it.

My bucket was modest, but some nights people gave a lot. Audience numbers varied - 3 the first night, 10 on others. I changed my act to a floor show with guest spots after the first night. There were two nights were there was only performers in the audience. If it wasn't for Jenni Pascoe coming regularly, and friends/performers she brought, the audience would have been miniscule on some nights. The audience members who weren't performers who I surveyed had ALL come to the show because they'd found my show listed in the Wee Blue Book. They were looking for a show to fill that time slot and I was it.
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