Lovely Venue

Lovely Venue

Postby Sara Hirsch » 10 Sep 2015, 09:37

Show report from Sara Hirsch:

The venue was extremely welcoming and accommodating right from the beginning and the staff went out of their way to make us feel comfortable and supported throughout the run. The space is well equipped with comfortable chairs, lights, a great sound system and a decent sized playing space and we were able to make it look professional as we had permission to hang drapes and put posters up downstairs. A huge bonus was being able to create a backstage area so there was space to store props and flyers and the venue kindly let us in from 11am everyday to collect flyers etc which was really helpful.

My run was successful with the majority of shows "sold out" however it is important to note the difficulty of filling a space that is slightly far out. The venue is ideal but without a lot of passing trade interested in seeing shows. This is unavoidable but a slight extra push might be needed to make this a more popular venue next year. The discount on drinks for performers was lovely but perhaps we need to push this slightly, maybe with the addition of cards that are given out early on, or perhaps if there is a regular night at Clerk's once a week such as a slam or poetry open mic we could also offer a bigger discount on that night or something to draw in crowds? This was my only issue during the run as it just meant a lot more flyering than for a more centralised venue but other than that it was a great space to perform in and I felt really at home by the end of the month. As I have briefly discussed with Matt, a weekly slot at Banshee for Clerk's performers to showcase their stuff might help get the bar more on the map?

Bucket wise I made around £50-£100 per show on average although some days were better than others. Another thing to add was how helpful clerk's was with this, allowing me to swap change for notes every day. I made sure a portion of the money always went in the tip jar and so there was good feelings all round. They are also really on it on social media and put our show posters up on the TV screens which was super helpful.

On the whole I would strongly sing their praises. The other performers were lovely and all helped out with the get out and the day to day running of the venue.There were some shows that didn't turn up but I am not aware of exactly who. It was towards the end of the run in the evenings...

One last note, this is unavoidable I am sure but the noise from the bar was distracting. For next year I would suggest some kind of soundproofing if possible, like a screen or something at the top of the stairs as sometimes it was really difficult to speak over the sound of the football. I am totally aware that this is the same in most venues but just worth noting as those of us without a microphone did struggle occasionally to make ourselves heard.

To sum up, brilliant venue, lovely staff, a really fun and exciting run with successful audience turn out. Thank you to PBH for all the support and for making this happen and thank you to Clerk's for having us.

Until next year

Sara Hirsch
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