A great and cosy space

A great and cosy space

Postby JemimaFoxtrot » 01 Sep 2015, 16:44

Clerk's bar is a small, intimate, basement room with about 18 seats. The staff are incredibly friendly, helpful and supportive of all the shows. The only negative I would say is the lack of a door! There's quite bad sound bleed from the noisy bar above but I suppose there's little to be done about that! I think it might also have been good if we'd been able to announce the show in the main bar before it started (not flyering people but just making sure everyone knew it was on) - either that or a sign upstairs saying that the shows were on. I had people coming down late because they assumed someone was going to announce it. As I said, all the staff were great and it's a good value bar too, with yummy American style food

Audience-wise and takings wise: personally wildly oscillated throughout most of the run (although the lows got higher throughout the run) - anything from 3 people to 30 (with people standing at the back, sitting on the floor in the front etc) and from £12 to £140 per show.

I had a fab time there, THANKS!!
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