SHOW / VENUE REPORT - Anarchy Cabaret

SHOW / VENUE REPORT - Anarchy Cabaret

Postby SteveMclean » 04 Sep 2015, 23:19


Another lovely year. Our show was on at 10.50pm...

The venue is a cracker, perhaps they should maybe think about doing a regular comedy/cabaret show down there as it is ideal. The low ceiling creates a great atmos...

A big thanks to Franco and his staff. They were great. They couldn't do enough for us. On occasion I'd buy our room some ice cream (if our numbers were low), and the staff always managed to have it ready in record quick time (between my MC slots). They're such a lovely bunch. We all ate there more than a few times. The food is lush. I also took my Scots-based family who have since been back!

The only low point was turning away nearly 30 punters who'd come to see the show because the toilets had flooded. I know this affected everyone. However credit to the staff, they had it unblocked, cleaned and good as new by the next night.

At 10.50pm it's a little hard to get crowds as passing trade seemed to be people coming from the opera, heading home for the last train (at 11.30-ish), so exit flyering other shows was our bread'n'butter.. .that said, we had consistent crowds of 30, peaking at nearly 60. Our lowest numbers was a 9, but it's such a nice room that it made for a lovely night.

One thought I had was could the combined Fringe organisations put pressure on the Scotrail to run a later train to well populated areas? It seems that a lot more people would stay later if they could get home later. Doing the last show this year really hammered that home. I must have heard 'sorry, rushing for the last train' at least 20 times a night when flyering. Trains seem to finish around 11,30pm.... which is a little early considering it's the world's largest fringe. Everyone would benefit - From the venues, the train company, the surrounding towns and cities who could offer cheaper lodgings.

Hopefully see you next year.

Steve, Graham and Harry.
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