Show/venue report - Nick Purves is a Recovering Snob

Show/venue report - Nick Purves is a Recovering Snob

Postby NickPurves » 05 Jan 2016, 13:53

Many thanks for all the support and I had a great time in this charming little venue.

My show was at 3:20 pm, which was a very good time for what I was putting on. The venue was ideally located for attracting people who were going in between other venues and looking for something to see before the big shows in the evening.

The staff in the venue were fantastic and very helpful. I would recommend staying for their food, which is brilliant and going for an ice cream as it is superb.

One suggestion I have for improving the experience of performers is for a Whatsapp group to be created for performers at a specific venue. That way, it'll be easier to communicate any problems, such as the flooding that occurred during the run or if anyone has any problems that they think need assistance.

Many thanks again, and hopefully see you in 2016!
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