David, Tom & Sophie: Live in Scotland, 14:25, 8th-29th

David, Tom & Sophie: Live in Scotland, 14:25, 8th-29th

Postby davidmciver » 13 Sep 2015, 10:48

The performance space is an L-shaped room and seats about 40, with space for extra chairs and standing room if necessary. A make-shift backstage area was made by some of the performers using a mic stand and a black sheet; this was a good idea. The lighting is two long strip lights across the stage area, which light up most of the room; a spotlight would have improved things somewhat. The ceilings are nice and low.

In the first couple of weeks we probably averaged around 25-30 people per performance, with a few full rooms and a few quieter days either side. The last week was much quieter, partly due to flyering fatigue and partly due to the fringe being quieter generally around this time. We didn't have to pull any shows and the smallest audience was maybe 7 or 8.

Bucket-takings varied from £10-£100+, but probably averaged around £60-70 a day.

The Chiquito staff were warm, friendly and helpful. The restaurant is a chain so they were quite restrictive about where we could poster (not allowed in the main restaurant area or toilets, only in a corridor near the performance space and the space itself), so it wasn't immediately obvious to customers that it was a fringe venue.

Chiquito is located on Frederick Street, off Princes Street, and it does feel a little bit out of the way though it is still a decent location. There were three of us flyering and we found it most effective to flyer around the half price hut, as this is just a few minutes walk from the venue whereas the royal mile is a bit of a journey. Engaging people in conversation and sincerely trying to sell the show was the most effective way to flyer.

All of the other performers we met from our venue were nice and willing to help.

Overall we were happy with our run and would recommend Chiquito as a venue.
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