Poets Against Humanity - 21st August

Poets Against Humanity - 21st August

Postby ablair » 10 Sep 2015, 17:22

Nearly a full room, and most people gave a few quid.

The room downstairs is large, had plenty of backspace area, but quite a low ceiling. It was pretty much ideal for what we were doing though (a panel show) and would recommend it to anyone needing a big floor space, a small amount of tech, and nothing happening above the height of 6 feet 5 inches.

It can also get roasting down there though, so bring plenty of water. Also the room isn't well signposted in the restaurant itself.

Difficult area to flyer due to its location in the shopping areas of the New Town, but fortunately we're a regular show in Edinburgh so had some existing audience.

Only did one show and met no performers before or after it in the venue, no idea what happened to them.
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