Burning Books - 15.40 - 8th - 15th

Burning Books - 15.40 - 8th - 15th

Postby greenellenjess » 09 Sep 2015, 10:15

Overall we really liked this venue and wouldn't be disappointed if we were given it again.
We had decent sized audiences, no less than 10 on any day and completely full on a lot of days.
Audiences were very generous and we took a lot money with the bucket.
The venue is decent sized and there is a place to leave equipment and props that could also be used for getting changed.
The space used for a stage is a good size, we could fit the whole band in.
As the venue is in an area of Edinburgh which is mainly known for shopping we found that very few people came in because they'd been given a flyer, most people came to the show because they'd seen it in either one of the brochures or through word of mouth.
The audience seemed comfortable in the space and were able to bring drinks and food down with them. I think some people may have struggled to find the venue in the building as it's down a set of stairs but restaurant staff seemed happy to point them in the right direction.
The room is right next to the toilets and I can imagine if you were doing a quiet show then the door banging might be an issue but ours was quite loud so we didn't notice that.
We had a bit of a problem with other shows not cleaning up after themselves and by the end of our week (which was only the first week) the offstage spaces were a bit of a state.
Overall we had a really good experience. I would recommend this venue in terms of its space but bear in mind that location isn't brilliant so you will need to work hard to bring audiences in.
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