Sally-Anne Hayward Something Old, Something New...

Sally-Anne Hayward Something Old, Something New...

Postby sallyanne » 13 Sep 2015, 16:54

I thoroughly enjoyed my two weeks at Canons' Gait. Great audiences, great room, great venue staff. It was all so well managed and run that I can't fault anything.

Bucket was good. I think the better I got at the bucket speech the more money I made.

I believe people sought the venue out due to the very good line up of shows. My flyerers were fundamentally important to me as I didn't advertise myself in the main brochure.

The shows before and after me liaised with me to see if I needed them to do anything and helped me out when I needed it.

As far as I know the public felt comfortable in the room. The fire escape door was opened between shows to let air in which helped enormously.

There is a bar in the performance space which was open. This helped punters get a drink before the show.

The room itself is really nice, clean and welcoming. The bar staff helped with getting people down to the performance space before the show started. They had a system so that they knew how many people were down there. When the show had started they roped off the stairs so people couldn't wander down and disturb the shows.

It was overall a really positive experience for me. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Canons' Gait. And thanks also to Baba for being so organised before the festival and liaising with the venue owner. Definitely helped us all enormously.
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