Lunchtime with patsy Cline

Lunchtime with patsy Cline

Postby lorraine-mcbrearty » 10 Sep 2015, 18:34

I did week one this year only after full run last year.
I did not go into the big book- my audiences were slightly less than last year but not enough to warrant the hefty charge for a one week show.
The venue is off the cafe itself.
Negatives were-There were major roadworks outside so it was tricky to see the building and the room is white and couldn't be blacked out due to the windows with no curtains. This meant the show could not be lit, and the projector could not be set up
Positives were- great size of room, great storage, great changing facilities, cheap food and nice staff, a lot of people outside passing by to flyer to just before the show was on.
We did do hour or so on the mile before heading back down and got a few from that too. With more flyering we could have maybe upped our audiences but who knows.
Shaun was an excellent VC
Audiences min=20 max 56, Average 35. Buckets from £45 to £120.
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