Health Under Fire - 6:15pm

Health Under Fire - 6:15pm

Postby Deathbypie » 07 Sep 2015, 15:10

The Venue
Cafe Camino is connected to St Mary's Church. The performance area was a large hall at the back of the cafe. Nice food. Cheap drinks. I didn't think it was that far out - I think some other PBH venues (as well as other paid venues) were harder to find. At least cafe camino was next to some prominent places (st james shopping centre, john lewis).

Performance area/Tech
80-100 capacity - no stage it's just a hall. No lighting and the PA had some temperamental spells. We put up some drapes to make a small backstage as well as to soften the airiness of the hall. If Cafe Camino is an available venue next year - I recommend people to prepare for the bare minimum. We did the show a little bit like a Theatre In Education show - our laptop behind the drapes with us doing the cues, we rehearsed with no lightning and brought our own flats just in case. It is a large space so perfect for physical pieces.

The staff were great. Really chatty and accommodating.

Advertisement / Marketing
I think the Big Brochure was a good investment for us (even though it was a hefty £393!) I'd say 15 -25% of our audience had found us on the ed fringe website or the big fringe book. As a new company (Complete virgins to the ed fringe scene) - Every little thing helps. We had a strict flyering regiment 200-250 everyday on the royal mile. We had a map on our flyer as well (so they had no excuse). We'd flyer between 12 - 4. Giving people time to think about it and plan - which for the type of show we were doing and the time - it worked. Our show was based in a hospital so we'd wear Doctor's coats on the mile.

Audience / Bucket
Smallest audience = 20, biggest audience = 83 average audience = 32. Average Bucket Total: £50 We did remarkably well with audiences and bucket donations. Which I put down to a good time slot, having a large cast (6 people) so we can flyer 200-250 easily and a simple sell (Naked Gun/airplane style comedy in hospital - FOR FREE!). I would say avoid as many days off as possible (easy to say) we gained a lot of momentum in the early days - so there were no days without flyering. We had one day off (26th) towards the end which luckily didn't affect the day after.

The biggest issue with free show and no lights - is keeping people in the room and walk ins. Because people haven't paid they sometimes don't feel invested enough to stay or if it doesn't grab them in the first 5 minutes they leave. This can be distracting - but you become quite immune to it quickly.

The Show Itself
We had a blast. Great audiences and really positive reviews. It was a noir spoof set in a hospital in the 50's - so we had so much fun. Lots of ad libbing and corpsing. We'd researched the venue and performance space a lot - so it fit in perfectly.

Communications with Shaun was great. Very pleasant, calm Venue manager would happily work with again as well as the rest of the acts
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