Stuart Laws. Downstairs 2 350pm

Stuart Laws. Downstairs 2 350pm

Postby stuchopslaws » 28 Dec 2015, 19:04


I have performed at this venue previously and struggled in 2012 in the larger room with only a week run. This was my first appearance in the Downstairs 2 and the facilities, layout and access is great. It is a superbly well located venue and gets plenty of passersby. I was delighted to do my show here and would be delighted to return.


Downstairs 2 seats 40-50 and can easily manage 60 if people are happy to sit on the floor. The lighting set up is simple and effective, there is an area for a technician to sit (if you hire one) and there is good audio options - two mics and leads for iPod. In general I would enter from behind the stage area and a duvet would be used to block the entrance and dull any noise bleed. The noise bleed was not bad in the Downstairs 2 room, occasionally loud music cues or shouts from next door would be noticeable but not distractingly so.


The staff were universally excellent, friendly and extremely helpful. Performers were also allowed to stash flyers and carefully packed boxes of props in the upstairs room which was a real blessing. The staff were very helpful with converting coins to notes as well.


The venue staff allowed performers to place their posters and flyers around the venue on most wall spaces. There is also a good space to store the Wee Blue Book in the room upstairs. The venue also printed their own posters and pamphlets to promote all shows at the venue - making themselves a go to venue for fringe-goers.


Numbers were very good this year, and with so many strong shows in the venue in meant that it felt like a hub of audience activity for the Free Fringe. The audiences were generous, interested and would often listen to recommendations to go and see other shows in the venue. Was relatively easy to fill the room all week long.


Buckets were good. The stronger the performance, in general, the more in the bucket. I rarely did an earnest bucket speech to try and bump up the donation per person, preferring to leave them to make up their own minds. Earned enough in the bucket to pay for the printing and distribution costs of leaflets, posters and show guide, as well as a flyerer for the whole run.


I had a superb time at the fringe, felt the show improve and develop as the run progressed and got a good number of press and industry in to watch. The most important thing was the general audience and I felt heartened by the turnout and the positive approach to watching free shows, very few people seemed to be attending just to get out of the rain. The Cabaret Voltaire is, without a doubt, a premier venue for PBH and the entire fringe - boasting good rooms, some sound bleed and relatively comfortable surroundings for audience.
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