Maxine Jones. Mini-Cine 8.50pm

Maxine Jones. Mini-Cine 8.50pm

Postby maxine » 02 Sep 2015, 13:07

Excellent venue for location and staff. Two large rooms and a small one (Mini-Cine) downstairs. All shows started at same time, which led to some confusion, particularly among people who had just wandered down ‘for the comedy’. Mini-Cine adjacent to bar and opposite other rooms. Had one open archway and one covered with a duvet. Inevitably some disruption and noise bleed as entrances to other rooms also only blocked with duvets. Cosy room with real cinema seats. Robin Boot a dedicated VC. With a few extra seats brought in could fit 22. Busy days, people had to be turned away. Average take £2 per person. Supplemented my 8.50pm time slot with extra shows at noon and 5pm when room free. Punters more generous then. Easy to fill extra slots with flyering and venue’s own traffic.
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