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Gareth Morinan 3:50pm Downstairs 2

PostPosted: 01 Sep 2015, 17:34
by gareth morinan
This is a fantastic venue, I was very grateful to be able to put my show on here.

The venue puts quite an effort into marketing itself, with street signage and having a staff member outside offering brochures of the shows on to anyone walking past.

The bar staff are very friendly and happily provided help whenever requested.

Alastair Clark was a great venue captain, organising a rota for shows to set out and put away chairs every day.

As I was doing a work in progress I didn't list my show with the Fringe, which did affect numbers. I think this is more so because the show wasn't on the Edfringe app, rather than being in the Big Fringe Brochure.

Promotion wise I found the best place to flyer was up around Tron square, given it's footfall and proximity to the venue, and people are more likely to stop and talk there than on the Royal Mile.

Tech wise the venue has a sound desk next to the stage, which is useful when you're doing your own tech. The room is small and well lit.

The one drawback is that there is some sound bleed from the Downstairs 1 room. Although the venue now has a heavy curtain at the entrance of the room, which has reduced sound bleed compared to previous years.

The other thing to be aware of was that with 3 shows in the venue starting at the same time a few punters would be confused as to what was going. At the 3:50pm slot we had a sort of informal system where at any time someone from one of the three shows would be stood by the stairs directing people to the right room.

All in all another enjoyable Fringe run. Thank you to everyone at the Cabaret Voltaire.