20:00 - McGINN Presents: Songs for Glitter Fetishists

20:00 - McGINN Presents: Songs for Glitter Fetishists

Postby Jacob Bloomfield » 22 Sep 2015, 19:43

It was an honour to be back at CC Blooms this year. The staff, as usual, were lovely and went above and beyond to help us out. It was a huge joy to interact with them on a daily basis and you'd be hard pressed to find a nicer group of bar staff in the city during the Fringe. We're so thankful to all of them for their assistance, company, and obviously for the booze they doled out too. The recently renovated downstairs area where the shows were performed looked great and accommodated us nicely. The location is great: a good amount of foot traffic but you're not in the centre of town which means that you're not competing with loads of other people promoting their shows. Overall, there isn't much I can say besides state that this venue is terrific. We had a wonderful time there last year and this year was even better. WE LOVE CC BLOOMS.

As for the show itself, I think we did quite well. We usually had the place at least 3/4 full and, more importantly, an overwhelming majority of our audiences responded enthusiastically. We didn't use the bucket. Instead, I collected money in my underwear. We tended to have a satisfactory haul every night. This year we were on at 8pm unlike last year when we were on at 4:15pm, and we were very, very happy with our time slot. It was perfectly suited to the nature of our show. We also just had a really, really fun time the whole way through. It sounds indulgent, but there was never a performance where we didn't have a total blast onstage. An absolute joy.

Last year we had two shows per day, which didn't leave us much time to do variety slots. Since we only had one performance per night this time, we were able to do loads of variety appearances which was great, and made us feel more like a part of the PBH Free Fringe community. It really was like a big family, and all of our fellow performers were lovely. Special thanks, though, goes to Dandy Darkly, our venue captain, and Luke Meredith. They were always amazing and professional. Dandy was nice enough to come to our show and was always a sagacious mentor if you needed advice. Mister Meredith obviously seemed to have an incredible workload, but you wouldn't know it given his willingness to always lend a hand if need be (no, I'm not using double entendre here, but I will put it out there that he's a tall glass o' man).

Overall, we couldn't have asked for anything more. Fantastic audiences, fellow performers, venue, and experiences. It was just so marvellous.

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