Simon South's Porthole of Opportunity and Southside Cabaret

Simon South's Porthole of Opportunity and Southside Cabaret

Postby SimonSouth1 » 10 Nov 2015, 14:21

Thought I'd combine both of my shows into one that where here to save me repeating myself :-)

The Venue
CC Blooms is a wonderful venue that I really enjoy performing in. A really friendly environment where you feel you can just sit and chill out after your show before racing off somewhere else. The food was brilliant and the space itself was gorgeous. They had made more improvements on it since last year and now it is a very pretty space indeed!

The Performance Area
As I said above, the performance area had improved since last year. It felt less dark and we had some fantastic lighting. The staff where really helpful if we had any issues with the space and solved it before the next show started.

Tech Set Up at Venue
The tech we had was simple and luckily the venue had their own dj booth which I did use for Southside Cabaret, as well as a box near the stage to plug in phones and iPods. I did occasionally have difficulty figuring out which cable to use but other than that there was no issues.

The staff where incredible. Really happy to help and genuinely lovely people that really looked after us. Really good people to talk to and just have fun with, and they really made CC's feel like home.

Personally I didn't have any posters this year but i did see others dotted around everywhere in the venue which was ace! My own personal advertising was leafleting at the end of cabaret shows I was in and giving leaflets to anyone who was in the venue before my shows. I tried to make an effort before each show to go around everyone in the venue to try and get more numbers, and it did usually work! and of course the Wee Blue Book was indispensable. It seriously helped get in numbers.

Audience Numbers
This was a very varied one, as you'd expect on the roller coaster ride that is the Edinburgh Fringe. In Porthole I think the lowest number I had was one, wheres Southside the lowest I had was around 4-7 people. However there where days when it was packed for both shows which was brilliant! I think I did have to cancel one of my Porthole performances due to numbers, but considering this was the first year I had any cancellation I was happy to let it slide.

I luckily this year managed to make a profit, which I'm actually amazed by, but I do think the main factor in that was doing three shows a day, everyday. My bucket for Porthole was understandably lower than my evening show. I've been performing at Fringe 4 years this year and I still don't have the hang of advertising myself properly! I think my worst was probably a few quid, my best was around £90 which I was happy with :-)

Admin and communication between Free Fringe, Captain and Venue
Communication was excellent. Dandy was a fantastic captain and really took the role seriously which was brilliant! We had a few minor hiccups with a few things and Dandy dealt with them asap. I always felt if I did have an issue he would be there to sort it :-) As always communication with the Free Fringe was great, and the venue where great at retweeting anything we sent to them which helped a lot I feel.

In all honestly this was the best Fringe I've ever done. Instead of coming home and thinking "not sure if I want to do that again' I came home yes tired, but also absolutely invigorated to do exactly the same next year. I can't wait, and it's thanks to my Fringe Family at CC's and just the general feel that everyone looks out for each other. Lets do it all again!
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