SherwoodJam: 1915 23-29th

SherwoodJam: 1915 23-29th

Postby SherwoodJam » 05 Oct 2015, 14:58

I’ll limit my comments to subjects not yet covered in other show reports. I’ve not read anything I’ve disagreed with.

Buckets - This was my first Free Fringe show, so I don’t have a comparison. When I performed the show well - or when the audience was small - I got more per head. A good performance/small audience would bring about £5/head; a shoddier performance/larger audience would bring about £3/head.

Location - There seemed to be a feeling of it being a bit off the beaten track, which is insane really, as it is a matter of feet away from being very central indeed, and it’s actually a good deal more central than some major venues. Does the venue need to shout about being a performance venue a bit more? Some big poster in the window? Or is it just a symptom of being a venue on its first fringe?

A lot of people who know the cafe, and had been there during the fringe, were unaware that it was a venue. People, rightly, love the cafe. We weren’t quite converting those people into show-goers.

Stage lights would make the venue more show-y. But having them would add to the set-up time before the first show - unless the venue were interested in having some installed permanently.

In terms of marketing, I stuck to my usual method of flyering the Royal Mile, shifting about 500 flyers a day. This was less effective than when I have done this in previous years, with paid-for (but cheap) shows. I was up for the last week only. A couple of my audiences were around 35; a remarkable number of them were exactly 12 (none were less). Perhaps I should have flyered closer to the venue.

My small audiences made the experience not terribly positive. But I can’t claim to have worked out why that happened, or how to solve it, or whether the fault lay with the venue, or my marketing. Or the fact that I was only up for the last week (in a festival that was already the latest in August it can possibly be). As a venue, it should work. After its first fringe, I’m not sure we’re any closer to working out whether it does or not.
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