James Bennison: Murder Mystery Showcase, 8.30 19-29th August

James Bennison: Murder Mystery Showcase, 8.30 19-29th August

Postby James Bennison » 17 Sep 2015, 21:47

I had a great time this fringe and absolutely loved this venue! This show was my second show and was right after my "main" solo show. It was essentially an open bill comedy showcase which I rather unsubtly tacked on a murder mystery theme to. It seemed to work well as a show and audiences liked it! Anyway, to the business.

Location: The location was on the cusp of being a bit too far away from the royal but close enough that you could still get some traffic. Most of our footfall came from passerbys who were coming from a show at the pleasance or the assembly nearby. Because it was a little far out a lot of people who went to the show before me stayed to see ours too which was nice.
Venue: A really lovely little venue downstairs in the coffee shop. They said the capacity was about 70 but because of the shape of the room and the way it was set up if we had 12 people there if felt full. There was a pillar in the middle which was a little bit in the way but not so much that anyone would notice. There was a bar at the back of the room and they sold beer, coffee and food. There were two exits, one at the back to the street and one to the side which lead up stairs (this got closed partway through our show so we could direct the audience back and out of the door so we could get their precious money). There was a cupboard for storing our things but this was behind the stage so if you wanted flyers you had to plan well in advance because it wasn't easy to access at any point apart from in between shows.
Staff: Perfect. Wonderful. A pleasure to be around. I couldn't fault them at all. They were absolutely wonderful and helped out in every way they could. From converting loose change into notes to giving me the odd free beer when times got tough. I wish we could be friends for life
Audience size: Due to my main show being just before I didn't get to flyer for much more than half an hour (though sometimes comedians who were on did an hour or so of flyering). As such we got a mixture of audience sizes, from 6 to 30. As long as they sat near the stage though they tended to enjoy the show and we got a half decent bucket. From £20 - £80 I think.

A special note must go to Chris O’Neill who was an absolute legend. I've done free fringe for maybe 5 years now and he was by far the best venue captain I've ever had. He started a Facebook group, he came to see the show (more than once) and even stood in for an act when they didn't show up. Love that insane man dearly.
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