Comedian's Comedian Podcast 23:55, 16-29th Aug 2015

Comedian's Comedian Podcast 23:55, 16-29th Aug 2015

Postby StuGoldsmith » 08 Sep 2015, 09:55

I think Katie Lane's post re "Sarcasticus" at this venue sums up many of my feelings so I won't repeat them at length.

Dougal and Rog were nice guys and very easy to deal with. Rog often let us overrun by a few minutes, Dougal was more tight on time - both totally understandable approaches.

The venue location is indeed excellent, but I think once the shop above is closed it's very hard to see that anything is happening there at all. I don't think it made a huge difference to me as the audience for the podcast tends not to contain much in the way of walk-by.

Sightlines are not brilliant in the current layout; again as a conversation-based show it didn't matter much to me. It's hard to imagine a different layout working, so perhaps a slightly raised stage is the solution.

There were no stage lights at the venue; I didn't prioritise them but looking back it would have helped. The sound system was adequate. Thanks to Harv for his help, particularly with regard to resolving a sound system problem by suggesting we daisy-chain the speakers to make up for a blown output on the PA head. Thanks to Chris O'Neill for his hard work in making the Black Medicine free fringe acts behave as a team!

It was frustrating to see that by the time in week one that this venue became a free fringe venue, most available poster-space upstairs had been taken by shows not at the venue. For next year it would be great to be aware of this in advance and ask Rog and Dougal to perhaps save some space. We could have done much more work upstairs to let punters and potential audience-members know that downstairs was a new venue/destination. Perhaps more external signage would also have helped.
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