Venue: Black Medicine Show: Box-sets & BlowJobs

Venue: Black Medicine Show: Box-sets & BlowJobs

Postby johncc » 05 Sep 2015, 15:17

This is the first time Black Medicine was used as a venue during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Myself (Jonathan Sheehan) and my partner Ashlee Bentley were coming over form Ireland to do our joint split comedy show. We were excited as the word we heard about this venue was that in was in a good spot and would get lots of foot traffic.

Sadly this did not turn out to be the case. We were there for the first week of the fringe. Eight shows in total and four of them had to be cancelled due to no crowd. We were on late at 11.00 pm. Sadly at this time the upper part of Black Medicine was closed. The shows were being held down below. It looked from the outside that noting was going on. People who came to our shows said they almost walked by the place as it look closed. The venue at the time just looks dead and isn't great for getting people in.

There was a lot of foot traffic. But at this hour most people were walking to the pleasance courtyard or the assembly rooms or just walking back from shows at this venue and were not interested in coming to another show.

The first show starts at 6. One evening we helped out the crew at 6 get ready for there show. It was bit of a nightmare. Up top is very small so most people come down below with their drinks. There was a sign on the door telling people at 5.30 it would become a venue for a show. But nobody took notice of this sign. You had ask people to moved to the back with their drinks. They were not very happy about this. Even moving people to the back there still chatting and finishing there drinks. Which hurts the atmosphere for the show.

I would not recommend this venue to be used again as for reasons highlighted. The staff were lovely. It was and up and down experience but I enjoyed it do. Thanks to our venue captain Chris O'Neil who was great during our week there. Thanks to all those at PBH and the staff of the black medicine.
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