Cinema Room: Natiasia Demetriou and Ellie White - 8.30pm

Cinema Room: Natiasia Demetriou and Ellie White - 8.30pm

Postby elswhite » 18 Jan 2016, 21:11

The Venue
The Cinema Room at the Banshee Labyrinth is an incredible venue - full tech, raked seating, intimate audience, projector, and excellent footfall from the bar itself. Great central location, couldn't recommend this venue enough.

Performance area
akin to a Pleasance or Underbelly space - the stage is small but there's enough room to perform a show with perhaps up to four people. There's great tech (the tech can operated from the side of the stage, and an amazing projector and screen at the back.

Technical set-up
See above

The staff were amazing - so friendly, always helpful and all came to see our show which was so nice. They were very supportive and laid back with having audiences queueing. They even helped us with crowd management sometimes.

Advertisement / Marketing
We didn't have a production team, but we flyered a little bit around the venue. But the venue itself had such good footfall, by a few days in we found that we didn't even need to flyer to fill the space (only 30 seats - 50 at a squeeze)

Audience / Bucket
Always nice audiences. Because there's no door at the back we did have a couple of occasions where people wondered in and out, but we invested in a big piece of fabric that we put up that really helped with that issue. Not much noise feed from the bar either. Audiences were great and always generous. An average bucket was about £150 - going up to £250 at weekends. We didn't get much less than £100 a night.

The Show Itself
We did a work in progress, but by the end of the month it felt like a fully formed show with some great feedback from audience and reviewers. I think the free fringe is a fantastic place to do a show like we did - low pressure, great audiences, and maximum result. :mrgreen:
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