Banqueting Hall 4pm Rob Auton:The Water Show

Banqueting Hall 4pm Rob Auton:The Water Show

Postby robertauton » 27 Nov 2015, 11:44

The Venue
The Banshee Labyrinth is a pub/club just off the Royal Mile and up from Cowgate. It is haunted if you believe in ghosts and a rock pub if you don't. It gets very busy on a night especially at weekends as it still functions as a rock bar. There are several performance rooms so I think it is important to make signs with arrows on to show people where your show is. It is atmospheric as soon as you walk in and I think a lot of people find the venue a fringe experience in itself. It is a long way away from some of the more clinical venues on the fringe.

Performance area
It's a great space if you want to create an intimate show. There are rows of seats with an aisle down the middle and cushioned seating strips down each side. You can get 40 -50 people in there. There isn't a curtain so there can be noise from outside.

Technical set-up

There is a mixing desk with leads, two mic stands, two mics and lights that can be adjusted. The mixing desk is right next two the performance area so you can start and stop music from on the stage.

The staff are really accommodating and happy to help out. This year I thought they were particularly proactive in making sure we were getting as many people in the room as possible.

Advertisement / Marketing
I had flyers printed by the brilliant Cannprint who have been the supplier to PBH over the past few years. Not sure if they will do it again in 2016 but I hope so. If you get your order in in good time the flyers will be at the venue when you get to there. I have always gone in the big fat fringe guide that you pay to go in. It is expensive (£300?) but I think it does help to get reviewers in and there are always a few people who say we saw it in the brochure. The Free Fringe Guide is massively helpful when giving out flyers as people seek the Free Fringe guides out but sometimes don't know where to get them from. Often I have found that if you see someone walking with a big fat fringe brochure you can go up to them and say "Hi sorry to bother you, would you like a copy of the free fringe guide? It lists all the free shows at the fringe." Normally they say yes please and thank you. When they are onside they are then more open to receiving your flyer. I didn't send press releases this year and therefore less press came.

Audience / Bucket
The audience were a good bunch this year. Numbers wise it was at capacity of 40-50. It does get hot in the room but there is a fan at the front to help things.
With the bucket I always try to give people something for their money. So if they give me £5 they can have a CD and £10 for a book. I try to keep the show as free as possible and don't do too much of a hard sell at the end. If people enjoyed it they will want to give you money.

The Show Itself
This was my fourth fringe in the Banshee at 4 pm. I have tried to build an audience by doing a show at the same time and place each year. This show was about water. It was easy to get in and out with the turnaround time between other shows.

Communications were great this year. The get in was a pleasurable experience and emails were informative and helpful.
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