Greyhound Chamber 12.50

Greyhound Chamber 12.50

Postby Matt Panesh » 26 Nov 2015, 14:41

show was great. numbers were down from last year, and i have put this down to not being in the BFFP.
people I knew including reviewers simply didnt know i was up this year.
having said that, most of the audiences i did get were returners.
also, my merch was pretty low, so when it came to donations it was for the show. I averaged £2-3 per head, but the head count was down.
this slot has always been more about the reviews for me, and i did get 2 x 4 star ones from one 4 review & 3weeks.

the space is fantastic, the staff uniformly excellent. the banshee is my spiritual home in edinburgh, having performed there for the last 6 fringes.

any money donted after the show that went over the last fiver i could change into notes went into the staff tip jar, be that 1p or £4.99 or anywhere between
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