15:30: Luke Benson Makes Something of Himself (Chamber Room)

15:30: Luke Benson Makes Something of Himself (Chamber Room)

Postby thebenson » 03 Nov 2015, 13:20

The Banshee Labyrinth is a great venue, with concerned, attentive & friendly staff.
It's a solidly rocky/dirty aesthetically venue & I think suits comedy. It's dark and there was no sound-bleed in the room I was in through the catacomb-heavy design.
It has aircon & didn't smell like a nightclub or have sticky floor. I got the room a few shows into the day but it always had a ready ambience.

The room I was in was great for me. It was easy to manage the crowd pre-show as they could be corralled into the bar if they arrived well in advance.
Lowest I had was 15 and that still had a great energy. Loved it when it was full.

The shows I was sandwiched between were excellent colleagues. There were a couple of days I overran through thinking I had an hour (my mistake & a big one) & the people after were polite and addressed it well. We rectified it.

I'm aware that I got the room for the 2nd half or 3rd third of the run & any teething problems (if there were any) would have been sorted by then. It was great & I'm very thankful for your putting me in there.

My time slot was ideal for me in that people might have had a pint or 2 but weren't knackered/drunk/fatigued. Still with energy and capacity to get into the show proper.
I'm trying to work clean & this made the transition easier.

The room was excellent; from a technical, location, size, sound, ergonomic aspects. Well marshalled by the venue Captain) & self-policed by other turns.

If I had to find a negative it would be that there was bit of people wallpapering over with flyers/posters. It's a tiny negative included only in the interests of balance.

Thanks again.
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