Banshee Labyrinth Cinema - Simon Slack 11pm Report

Banshee Labyrinth Cinema - Simon Slack 11pm Report

Postby robertcawsey » 08 Oct 2015, 10:37

This was my first time performing in the Cinema Room at the Banshee.
I had a great experience.
Did a experimental physical comedy show.
Audiences were good.
The space is excellent (seats 40) and you can squeeze more in.
Staff at the venue are totally fantastic, accommodating and supportive.
Buckets were decent.
My time was 11pm. Due to the other venues in the building it felt like there were always punters around. Late night is good at this venue as it's open till 5am every night of the fringe.
Good sound and atmospheric lighting in the cinema.
Nothing I thought could have been improved on.
Had a blast.
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