Chamber Room: Porn, Corn, & Body Slamming for Jesus 9pm

Chamber Room: Porn, Corn, & Body Slamming for Jesus 9pm

Postby harmon_leon » 17 Sep 2015, 20:39

I love Banshee Labyrinth. One of the best venues I've performed at. My run was filled from start to finish - and a lot had to do with the venue. (Also, putting a lot of work into my show.) It was my second year at the venue and I filled the room with the help of
my flyer guy who did an hour of flyering before each show.

The venue is located in the heart of the festival right off the Cowgate - along a row of other pubs that serve as festival venues; so the vibe is really energetic even before you step inside. The pub itself has 4 shows going on at once - so the interior has
a real festival vibe. Plus the pub is a great place to hang out whether there is a show going on or not. The staff is completely awesome and friendly - and always on hand and helpful in case there is a tech problem with the room.

The Chamber Room has compact energy. It seats about 50 people - and is very intimate; thus the energy spills on stage. My show was multimedia - so the room is rigged with a video projector and everything you need to simply plug-and play a video
show with a laptop and have things set up and ready to go within minutes.

The only downside; it does get really hot in the space when packed, so bring a large glass of water to hydrate while on stage.

Overall, I love this space and hope to be back next year.
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