Cinema Room, 18.00- Morgan Berry (Joe Rowntree)

Cinema Room, 18.00- Morgan Berry (Joe Rowntree)

Postby joerowntree » 11 Sep 2015, 16:23

This was my third year running in the Banshee cinema room which I keep returning to for good reason. It's such a fantastic, intimate and perfect room for stand up, sketch and character comedy. There is space either side behind the curtain for costume changes and the room has slight raked seating which gives it that theatre style effect. In fact that's how I would describe it- a mini theatre, with a great projector, sound supply, 2 mics and even enough room if you want to have a tech person. The room has comfy seats with a little ledge to put drinks on and a lot of punters commented how nice it was to sit back in comfort and not have to put drinks on the floor and sit on hard backed seats. The addition of the ceiling fan this year ensured that the room was well ventilated and never too hot to be in.

The staff were so helpful and generous with their time, they always made you feel welcome and were quick to assist if there were any technical problems or glitches. After a few days of getting to know everyone you feel part of the PBH Banshee family and the atmosphere around the venue is always vibrant and a nice place to hang out after shows.

The venue itself is in a great central location just off the Royal Mile with a large amount of footfall and passing trade. As long as you are prepared to put in at least a couple of hours flyering before your show you should have no problem filling the room. It seats around 40-45 comfortably and even more, if people are willing to sit on the floor. This is a great PBH venue and long may it continue to be.

Thanks to everyone who helped organise PBH 2015 and for making it a special year. Special thanks to Peter for his commitment and hard work, for making sure the standards remain high and for allowing performers a platform to be in Edinburgh for a whole month without being swamped in an aftermath of debt and self loathing. Our venue captain Chris Coltrane deserves a bloody big medal and a lot of thanks for organising the PBH free festival in Balham. You put in so much work and man hours to ensure the Bedford was packed out. Great effort mate! Bring on 2016!
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