The Good Delusion 12.30 Banqueting Hall

The Good Delusion 12.30 Banqueting Hall

Postby Tina Sederholm » 10 Sep 2015, 09:02

Venue: As all the other performers had said:
Staff - excellent, kind, supportive and helpful.
Room - great performance space, some trouble with noise from the corridor, but is copeable with if you provide your own marshall for this on weekends or if you have an evening slot.

12.30 Slot - it's the very first one in any of the Banshee rooms, so sometimes a challenge to get audience in first thing. However I appreciated having the extra time to set up the show, so pluses and minuses to every situation, otherwise known as deal with it! It's the Fringe! There wasn't much point flyering anywhere before 11 a.m., so I made up for it with extra flyering in the afternoon.

Re: helping with the next person's show going in - Sophia (who was directly after me) specifically told me that she did not need help with the beginning of her show, a couple of months before the Fringe in a Facebook conversation amongst all the Banshee Lab Banqueting Hall participants. Other performers also confirmed that they didn't need the acts before or after to stay and help, in the same conversation. So I am a little confused by her post about performers being slack about helping each other. (In our venue anyway).

My show itself went well - I had several close to full rooms, and generous buckets, selling 93 books. As in previous years, I find a 'takeaway' really helps with bucket donations. Badges, poetry cards, books - also good so audience remember you for future years. As with many Fringe participants I experienced the usual mid Fringe lull, but the audiences never really picked up again as they have in former years. This may be because the Festival and the Fringe ran on exactly the same dates this year as opposed to the staggered dates it ran on before, but I have only anecdotal evidence for that.

Finally a big thank you to Dan Simpson, efficient VC, and to PBH and Matt for setting up Free Fringe and handling the headache of all the programming etc. I feel so privileged to be part of this mad, wonderful and inspiring event.
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