BUILDING GOD, Banqueting Hall, 17:10

BUILDING GOD, Banqueting Hall, 17:10

Postby David Lee Morgan » 08 Sep 2015, 13:46

The venue: It's the business. So lucky to be there. The staff are all friendly and extremely enthusiastic about the shows. Technical is sorted, and they are glad to help out if glitches arise. The banqueting hall is a bit noise polluted from the corridor outside as the day wears on, so you just have to crank up the sound system to drown it out.
Buckets: my experience is that the size of the crowd isn't very much related to the size of the buckets. As my crowds got bigger, the buckets got smaller, because there were a lot more young people with not much money. So what, i came to reach people not get rich.
Tip: Work a money pitch into your show if you can make it fit. Explain how the pbh free fringe works, tell people they don't have to contribute if they're skint, that those who do have money will pick up the slack – they will.
Tip: Tip the bar staff regularly. They deserve it.
Tip: For me, it is really worth it to get in the main fringe program. Most of my audience came either from people who had seen it in the Fringe program or had heard about it through word of mouth.
Tip: Ask people to take out their glasses after the show. It saves work for the bar staff and turnaround time for the next show.
Flyering on the Royal Mile: Good luck. I found it a waste of time, but then i'm shit at flyering and my shows aren't really mass appeal shows.

The Banshee is an exciting place to do spoken word – and just to hang out.
The Fringe is seeing the blossoming of a new genre, not brand new, but really coming into its own here: the 50 minute spoken word show, not just a collection of poems, but an hour long narrative arc. Such a challenge. Such an opportunity. Size matters.
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