Show Report Trevor Lock

Show Report Trevor Lock

Postby trevor » 01 Sep 2015, 14:31

It was a superb fringe again in Bannermans. The staff were just as great as they were last year; helpful, friendly and generally supportive. The audiences and buckets were slightly up too. It really is a top venue - the location couldn't be better on the corner of Niddry and Cowgate, the room itself is in two halves and can accommodate 80 plus all the way back when Ro or Pippa does it, or 60 in a semi circle in the stage half of the room the way I arrange it. The bar outside the room is big enough to contain and serve audiences queuing up too. And with the door closed and the sensitive staff there is no noise bleed into the room from the bars outside. It helps that all the acts sharing the room are of a high quality and nice people too - going on after Paul B Edwards and before Ro Campbell was a pleasure. I felt lucky and grateful to be able to put on my show here knowing how differently things can and have gone for myself and others in previous years and in other venues.
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