Instructions for submission of pictures and blurbs

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Instructions for submission of pictures and blurbs

Postby PBH » 09 May 2015, 19:08

I reproduce below the two emails that were sent, showing you where and how to submit show blurbs and pictures.


This goes to all confirmed shows and, to save time, all those with an offer they have not yet confirmed.

You get a picture in the Wee Blue Book and on the web programme. These are the instructions for sending it, from the editors:

Please email one show picture to

The image format should be square 600px x 600px (21cm x21cm), 72dpi. It can be either RGB or CMYK colour.

The image will be used both for the printed programme and the Free Fringe web site.

Please name the file using your show time plus show title. Please also use your show title and show number in the subject line in your email.

We require the pictures to be emailed for programme production ASAP. Remember all work is done by unpaid volunteers so please help by emailing them by the end of May but sooner is better. You will receive an auto response to say your picture has been received. If there is a problem you will be emailed with details and asked to resubmit, otherwise assume the picture has been accepted for inclusion in the programme.


For those of you who have not yet sent in your final show titles and blurbs, please do so on the web form .




This goes to all shows who have firmly accepted and those with offers still pending.

Dear Free Fringers

The team is building. There will be more members yet, but you are now part of the 2015 Free Fringe team.

What do you now need to do?

We are collecting final show titles and blurbs. There is an online form, so there is now no need to send them by email. The form can be found on . You will need your show number. Please post your titles and blurbs when you can; soon would be good.

This information will form the basis of the Wee Blue Book. You will also need pictures for the WBB and for the web site. Instructions on the size and format of these pictures, as well as where to end them, will be sent in due course.

Your show number is a vital identifier for your show. Write it down and memorise it. All emails to me or your Artistic Directors must contain your show number, and all your information is keyed on your show number. Get it wrong and you will not only destroy your own show listing; you will destroy somebody else’s (the other person whose show number you used in mistake for your own).
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