The Mechanisms: High Noon Over Camelot

The Mechanisms: High Noon Over Camelot

Postby The Mechanisms » 15 Dec 2014, 16:38


A nightclub just off George Street. It’s a little out of the way, but we gave people careful directions and had members of cast standing at either entrance to the alleyway before the show. Enough people seemed to find us.


Wider than it is deep, but with plenty of space really. Not a stage, but a clear area in front of the audience; it can be quite up close and personal if you want. PA is only accessible round the corner in the DJ booth, which posed no issues for us but might for others. Very comfy chairs for the audience, though it can only seat maybe 50. There is plenty more standing room if your audience is enthusiastic. Bar well at the back.


In our experience, easy to work with, but very strict on policy (there will be no benefits of the doubt on the 18+ venue).


We put ourselves in the main Fringe brochure as well as the PBH brochure. In the end we decided that posters were probably a waste of time (since they get covered over so quickly, or lost in walls of advertisement unless you have something that particularly stands out). Instead we had 4 different flyer designs, and posted people on the Mile all day — 2 before the show (10.30-1) and 2-4 afterwards (3-6). We also have significant advantages from word of mouth from our previous shows in 2012 and 2013.


Very good. No show felt empty; our smallest nearly filled the seating, and our largest filled the venue (up to and including the tops of the pillars). Numbers did fluctuate depending on the time of week and the weather — some awful rain had us worried — but by and large there was nothing to worry about after all. We had a fair few repeat attenders, who often brought friends.


By all accounts, one of our best yet. However, something about the time slot and only being there for 2 weeks made it feel less successful than it was. We were playing at 13:45, which is a strange time of day for us to be on stage — previously we’ve played in the evening, which suits our style better. Playing for only 2 weeks could have been a really bad decision, as we got few (and even fewer decent) reviewers — this was the one thing that genuinely didn’t go right for us this year. Fortunately our previous successes mitigated most of these problems, and our audiences didn’t seem to mind. Lessons learned: a full run is probably more rewarding, if it’s possible; playing just after lunch doesn’t feel like it suits our style of show. The format itself remains totally viable.


Average per day was higher than either of our previous shows. We made back costs and had plenty left over to put towards next year. We benefit from giving away actual things in return for certain donations (if you like) — anyone dropping £5 into the hat gets a CD — which is certainly effective.


Very well equipped in terms of tech (the PA is chunky - we managed to put a 9-piece band through it and had to keep the levels low so as not to overwhelm the space). We bring our own mics, stands etc., so can’t comment on those.


No issues.


No issues at this venue, as queues can form outside. We tended to have people turn up between the previous slot and ours, anyway.


Staff were happy to let us store heavy items there most nights, excepting only nights before their main club events.
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