Milner and Rowan Present: Willy Hammer!

Milner and Rowan Present: Willy Hammer!

Postby renlimmot » 15 Oct 2014, 22:05

Here's our report of our 7 nights stint at Whynotclub. Our show was called Willy Hammer and was at 4:15-5:15pm from 2nd - 9th August. Hopefully this will be useful to someone!

The venue is really quite nice. It's a fairly classy nightclub with a large bar, large performance space, large back stage area and large audience space - there were only about 50 chairs but many more would fit, easily a couple of hundred. Staff were always friendly and accommodating to our needs. A storage cloakroom was available for some of our heavier props but this is also the nightclub cloakroom so they did request that we don't leave ALL our stuff (we had a lot) but I think that's perfectly reasonable. Note to all first timers: Don't have too many props, transporting them each day was a bit of a nightmare. We were first timers at the fringe with limited open mic experience. The venue provided us with a great space to trial our comedy show with reasonably well sized audiences of about 8-30 people. We learnt a lot, massively enjoyed ourselves and are very greatful to have had the opportunity. We'll be back next year!

Although I said above audience sizes were 8-30, most of these were people we knew and had personally invited. Despite our best flyering efforts, our general public audiences seemed very low. Maybe our show didnt appeal to many people at 4 PM but another potential reason however, is that Whynot is not ovbiously a fringe venue to passerbys. The entrance is halfway down a side alley through an unmarked door and there is only a small billboard on George Street giving any indication of it being a fringe venue. Even if you knew it was there and had Google Maps pin pointing your location on your smartphone you might still struggle (at least I did on the first day trying to find it!). This is totally different to south of the station venues. We felt there was definitely more the venue could have done to promote itself. There's loads of passerbys on the pedestrian area behind the club who are probably totally unaware there is a fringe venue there. There could be big posters, a show schedule and a fringe venue number sign etc. We did feel that a lot of people we flyered too just weren't there for the fringe so maybe it is more down to the location being north of the station and quite far from other venues, I don't know.
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