"Bristol Improv Steals the Show" 2014

"Bristol Improv Steals the Show" 2014

Postby bristolimprov » 27 Dec 2014, 18:26

In August 2014 we performed at the Whynot? venue for 3 weeks of the fringe as we have previously. The venue had a lighting system, but we used our own so that they could be remote controlled. We found the venue to be cooperative and easy to work with. We gave out show flyers and the Wee Blue Book everyday before each show, including Rose Street, near the Scots Monument and the Royal Mile. The venue being a little out of the way did not seem to discourage audiences, and of course could be pointed out in the venue map in the Wee Blue Book. We found that we had a big audience everyday, often 50 people, and the venue was very full, although this was not a problem. The stage itself is large, and had an offstage area although we did not use it. There was adequate storage facilities for our flyers etc although the changing area provided was a little cramped.
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