12.15 Whistle Binkies - Pierre Hollins is Surprisingly Optim

12.15 Whistle Binkies - Pierre Hollins is Surprisingly Optim

Postby Pierre-Hollins » 03 Sep 2014, 22:09

I only have positive things to say about my run here. The staff at the venue were fantastic: both socially and in helping to run the shows.
My tech requirements were minimal, D I box for guitar, microphone and music as the audience came in. But once these needs were discussed, on day one, they were provided as a matter of course without me having to ask, and always provided with good humour.
I really can't praise the staff enough.
Gary Coleman the venue captain was ever helpful in finding flyerers for me, and this being my first full run, he also helped with all kinds of advice from his previous years of working at Binkies.
There was a great vibe at the venue, positive support from the other acts, especially from Chris O'Neil and Jen Brister, whose shows sandwiched mine.
I had an average of about 34 people per show - I'm sure i could have done better if I flyerered for longer and / or if Whistle Binkies did food (a lot of people i was flyering asked if there was food available, as my time slot seemed to coincide with their lunch time).
Also: big thank you to Paul B Edwards for help, advice, and being so enthusiastic about the whole PBH Free Fringe experience.
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