19.45 Paul B. Edwards - The Lastminute Comedy Club

19.45 Paul B. Edwards - The Lastminute Comedy Club

Postby Paul B Edwards » 28 Aug 2014, 19:46

Whistlebinkies is at the top of Niddry Street with an additional entrance on South Bridge. It's a very well known boozer in Edinburgh and the bar is always busy. This doesn't mean that those customers will come through into your show, though and it still needs to be flyered properly. This year's show was a minor improvement on last year's artistically but if I'm honest I was a little disappointed with the buckets. Straightforward compilation shows like this require guest acts to do their "Competition 10s". This means they have something great to exit flyer and the guy running the gig gets a great show. This didn't always happen. There's a lot of noise in WBs after 7pm and 'curtain control' is essential if you are going to take this room on. It's a brilliant gig but it needs big personalities. When we were good we were very very good, but when we were bad we were horrid. Saying that, we ended up busy EVERY DAY and I'm looking forward to doing it again next year. Particular thanks go to Jim & April for helping so much but I'd like to thank everyone in there (staff and regular punters alike) for making feel so welcome again. I consider myself very lucky to know them all. This will be a very in-demand venue in 2015, I feel...
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