16.00 Alex Edelman - The NY Comedy All Star Hour

16.00 Alex Edelman - The NY Comedy All Star Hour

Postby Alex Edelman » 24 Dec 2014, 16:03

The location of Whistlebinkies is genuinely second-to-none. It's got two entrances, and the flyerers I hired spent time circulating and circling around between those entrances. We had good comics and some big names like Simon Amstell and Mat Richardson and etc. dropping in as guests to try new material (and do polished stuff) but the buckets were kind of a letdown many days, honestly. The Saturdays were best, attendance-wise, but on those days, the sound bleed was nearly untenable. I wish there was something a wee bit stiffer or better than blocking sound than the curtain, but you know how Whistlebinkies is. The staff was generally helpful, but there was the occasional day where we couldn't get a bartender to help us start the show or just didn't know how to work the soundboard behind the bar. It was a positive experience, though, all-in-all, and as a venue and time slot, 4 PM and Whistlebinkies genuinely seem like the perfect setup for a compilation show.
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