Goodbear 20:45

Goodbear 20:45

Postby Joe Barnes333 » 28 Sep 2014, 18:51

Goodbear 20:45

Goodbear is a sketch comedy double act which ran for the whole month. It was a 45 minute show which was trying out material ahead of its first full hour next year.

We really enjoyed our run at The Wee Red Bar this year. Colvin was absolutely fantastic and made us feel very welcome. Our show relies a lot on music and the staff were great at keeping background noise down to a minimum.

The venue definitely is a bit of a tricky find. We put posters up on the road up to the venue and outside the performance space itself. However for some reason in the last week these kept disappearing which was frustrating and something to bear in mind! While the venue is out of the way - the benefit of this is that people really do come to see the show and we didn't have any walk outs.

We were only a small team (two performers and a stage manager) who were all involved in another show so we flyered between 7 - 8:20 every day. Word of mouth definitely helped us and for the first three weeks we averaged around 20-30 people. This peaked at 55-60 for one night but we dropped down to 10-15 for five days in a row on the last week.

The space was pretty ideal for us with some great lighting a nice big performance space. Neither performer leaves the stage in the show so the lack of wings was not a problem at all.

Our only gripe with the venue was its strict policy on no people under 18 being admitted. There were a few times when people under 18 were turned away but this was resolved by us deliberately targeting older people with our flyering. However, the main problem was often people (or entire groups) would be turned away because they did not have id with them. While we absolutely appreciate the policy, there were times when it was hard not to get frustrated.

All in all we had a great time with the PBH fringe
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