FRENCH QUARTER - The Lock-In Cabaret 00:20-01:20

FRENCH QUARTER - The Lock-In Cabaret 00:20-01:20

Postby SteveGriffin » 15 Oct 2014, 15:06

The Lock-In Cabaret was a late-night variety/cabaret show hosted by magicians Griffin and Jones. It regularly featured comedy, magic, music, and burlesque.

This was our first year bringing a full show up to the Edinburgh fringe.


We were extremely happy to be offered the Voodoo Rooms. It's a beautiful venue with a great reputation, and definitely did not disappoint. A real hub for cabaret and variety at the Fringe. Always bustling, and always a great atmosphere!


We were very happy with the French Quarter. A cosy, intimate performance space. Seats approx 60, but plenty of standing room (as we discovered!). There is a gap mid-way through the audience seating which separates the rear part of the audience somewhat from the rest of the room, but this is not a major problem. There is a bar in the room, and toilets at the rear. The stage is very shallow, but perfectly adequate for small performances.


Honestly couldn't have asked for better! They were always friendly, helpful, and accommodating. From the door staff, to the bar staff, to the management, we were always made to feel welcome and supported. A number of the staff who had already worked the bar for our show helped to promote it at the bar, and even came back to see and support it on other nights.


The venue were very helpful in putting up posters and allocating space for flyers. As mentioned above, the staff also helped to promote the show, and were also very helpful in directing punters to the correct rooms within the venue. The venue is so popular that it largely advertised itself! That said, we also flyered at least twice a day (on the mile, and at the venue - both at the main door, and out-flyering other shows), did street shows, and used social media - so don't rely on the venue alone to advertise your show!


Again, we couldn't have asked much more. We were standing-room only every night except, perhaps two. We had many repeat customers, people come along off the back of audience recommendations, and many who happened to be at the venue anyway, and decided to take a punt on our show.


A little variable, but overall we were very happy. People in the rear part of the room seemed somewhat less inclined to pay up than those at the front (often those who had not specifically come for our show), but being present at the exit, holding the bucket(hat) ourselves, combined with a good hat line, and a good show encourages most people to give something.


The tech equipment was a little tired by the end of the run (not surprisingly) but it was adequate for our needs, and the venue were very helpful in making sure it was all kept in working order (or even replaced where necessary)


Space for queuing was limited (just by the nature of the building) but many people waited up in the main bar for the show to start, and (on the nights they were on) the door staff were excellent for helping to manage the queues.


We only had needed to store our flyers at the venue, which were kept behind the bar in the room itself. This meant we frequently had to go into the performance room while other shows were on to get them, but the staff were always very helpful when we did.


The venue, room, and staff were all fantastic - we were extremely happy to be there, and we'd love to perform there again next year!
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